Rockingham County Animal Shelter Campaign

The Rockingham County Animal Shelter Campaign was launched in October 2008. It was was devoted to building the animals of Rockingham County, NC, the shelter they deserved and, subsequently, reducing the county’s staggering upper 90% euthanasia rate. Throughout the course of the campaign, we raised $250,000 in private donations and grants and created awareness about the desperate need for a shelter in our county.  Thanks to the efforts of our generous supporters, the new shelter became a reality!  In March 2010 the Board of Commissioners voted unanimously to build the new shelter in its entirety.  Then the construction for the new facility began on Cherokee Camp Road in Wentworth.

Building From The Ground Up


The Rockingham County Animal Shelter opened May 21, 2011, and was led by Director Kevin Baughn, who was previously the Town Administrator for Stoneville. This was the first official animal shelter for Rockingham CountyThe shelter’s first challenge was the unexpected amount of animals it would intake. Everyone quickly realized that more help would be needed to care for the growing number of animals that came into the shelter. More staff members had to be hired in order to take care of the nearly 6,000 animals that came through the shelter doors.

In the first year we wanted to reach out to the community and provide a low-cost option for spaying & neutering, which would greatly impact the number of unwanted litters seen each year. This in turn would affect the shelter with the number of animals arriving yearly. We partnered with Planned Pethood Spay & Neuter Clinic out of
Greensboro, North Carolina in January of 2012 to offer assistance with spaying and neutering the county’s animals. The cost to the citizens is $75 for dogs and $65 for cats. If you  would like more information on the the Low-Cost Spay & Neuter program please contact the animal shelter at 336-394-0075 for more details.

Along with providing spay and neuter opportunities to the public the shelter holds a low-cost rabies clinic once a year for the dogs and cats of the community to get their vaccination. On October 27, 2012, the shelter, with the help of Dr. Steven Swanner and the trained technicians, provided 205 rabies shots to our community. In 2012 the Animal Shelter along with the Rockingham County Health Department provided more then 1,400 low-cost rabies vaccinations to our citizens' pets.

With so many animals coming into the shelter the administration and staff work very hard on making the animals available for adoption. As part of the adoption fee all animals are altered, micro-chipped and current on vaccinations before leaving the shelter. A lot of work goes into each animal before placing them up for adoption from the time they enter the shelter. All animals are vaccinated upon intake before moving them into the general population of the shelter. After their holding period is over they are evaluated to see if they get along with other animals, tested for heartworms or FELV/FIV and given their rabies vaccine. After getting all their necessary medical information updated it is time for their photo shoot with a staff member who tries to get the best picture possible to showcase the animal’s personality and appeal to the public. Our adoption numbers have grown each year with more people starting to know and become familiar with the shelter and its location. When the shelter first started the Shelter Manager and staff would go off site to promote the shelter with adoption fairs in the community and surrounding areas. With the new shelter the adoptions increased and more people were looking at adoption first before going to buy their new family member from other sources.


Another focus of the shelter is increasing the number of animals returning to their original homes. If you have a missing pet please stop by your local animal shelter to check to see if they have been dropped off and we urge you to check more than once. Making a Lost Flyer with a picture of your pet and telephone number is a great asset in reuniting you with your lost animal. This is not only helpful to staff members when intaking strays brought in by Animal Control but also valuable to the public who might have seen your pet before they even get to the shelter. Micro-chipping your animal is a great tool to have in retrieving your lost family member, as well. A micro-chip provides information about the owner, their address, best contact information, along with identification of the pet; such as name, breed, and if they have been altered. When your pet is lost and has a micro-chip as identification their chances of being reunited are much greater once they arrive at a veterinary hospital or animal shelter.


The Rockingham County Animal Shelter looks forward to its future and growth of adoptions, return to owners and other programs like the Spay and Neuter assistance program to help the citizens and animals of
Rockingham County